Aria Diffuser Review & Why We Love It

Are you looking for a way to bring some cozy and relaxing vibes into your home? Look no further than the Aria Diffuser from Young Living! This super high-quality diffuser not only fills your space with the soothing scents of essential oils, but also creates a cozy and hygge atmosphere in your home. 

It's one of our favorite home purchases & most used products – we've had ours for over 4 years & diffuse every single day! If you follow me on any of my platforms, you know that one of my biggest goals is being intentional with the products we use in our home. Over the last several years, we've ditched so many of our toxic products for natural, safer alternatives & the aria diffuser is a huge part of that journey!

Whether you're winding down after a long day or enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, the soothing scents and gentle ambiance of the Aria Diffuser will help you relax and recharge.

The Aria Features

The Aria is an ultrasonic diffuser – featuring an elegant American maple wood base with a glass dome lid. It runs up to 12 hours, has built-in speakers, and covers up to 430 square feet of space!

One of the standout features of the Aria Diffuser is it's candle-like flicker LED light setting, with additional light options to match your mood or home decor.

why we love the aria diffuser:

  • Gorgeous output with wood base & glass dome top
  • Runs for up to 12 hours
  • Dreamy candle flicker light mode (along with other LED light options)
  • Built-in speakers (to plug in your device) or play the pre-loaded relaxing spa music
  • Covers up to 430 square feet of space (so great for large rooms/open concept living spaces)
  • Natural & stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home or space
  • Control the strength of the scent (use more or less drops of essential oil)
  • No open flame or risk with kids/pets
  • Matching wood remote you can control from anywhere
The Aria Diffuser from Young Living

How to Use The Aria Diffuser

To fill your Aria Diffuser, simply lift off the glass dome lid & pour water into the bottom bowl (making sure to not fill above the red dot). Add 5-20 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend (depending on how strong you want the smell to be) and then set the glass dome lid back in. Use the remote to turn on the diffuser, select your light mode, sound options, & run time/timer. Watch a full video tutorial here!

Diffusing 101 - how to diffuse essential oils
Diffusing 101 - how to diffuse essential oils

The Benefits of Diffusing

Diffusing is the process of dispersing essential oils into the air using a device called a diffuser. There are many benefits to diffusing essential oils, including their ability to improve mood, boost immunity, and purify the air. Many essential oils have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve sleep too! For example, lavender oil is well-known for its calming properties – we diffuse it every night before bed to unwind & support a restful night of sleep.

In addition to their emotional benefits, diffusing essential oils can also help to purify the air we breathe. Essential oils like thieves and eucalyptus have natural antimicrobial properties, which can help to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. This makes diffusing essential oils a great way to keep your home healthy & clean, along with smelling amazing.

Why Young Living over Other Brands?

The quality of your essential oils MATTER! You are putting them on your skin, breathing them in, using them to clean your home, etc. A veryyyy large portion of the essential oils available today are “fragrance oils” — cheap imitations of the pure essential oil, purchased wholesale in large quantities, diluted with synthetic additives, and rebottled before being sold to you. You need to know where your oils are coming from & that they’re being distilled properly!


The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is their unmatched commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil. Young Living’s devotion to creating a highly therapeutic product means they’ve invested in their own farms, care for and nurture their own plants, trees, and shrubs, and finally distill, test, and bottle the oils that arrive on your doorstep. It’s our Seed to Seal quality commitment.


Did you know you can visit Young Living’s farms? Yep, it’s true and we’ve visited their Mona, Utah farm several times  & their Kona Farm in Hawaii this fall and continue to be amazed by not only the farm, but the farm managers, distilleries, labs, testing practices, and company as a whole. 


Here’s just a few reasons Young Living is different from other essential oil companies:

  • Sourcing: Own their own farms & partner with all of their suppliers so we can trust our essential oils are pure
  • Industry leading science & distilling processes
  • Exhaustive testing both in house and in independent labs, which are published online for anyone to see
  • Sustainable farming, organic soil, and zero pesticides or herbicides used on our farms

Favorite Essential Oils to Diffuse

Depending on the vibe, smell, & benefits you are looking to achieve in your home – there are a wide arrange of essentials oils I would recommend for you to have on hand! And remember, you get to control the strength of the scent by adding more or less drops of oil and can switch your scent/diffuser blend at anytime!

Here are some of my favorite essential oils to diffuse & diffuser blend ideas:

Festive Diffuser Blend Recipes
Cozy Essential Oils for Diffusing

cleaning your aria diffuser

I would recommend cleaning your diffuser every couple weeks – although you may need to clean it more depending on the type of water you are using. If you are using distilled (or filtered) water, your diffuser will stay clean for longer periods of time. We have reverse osmosis water in our home & I clean our diffusers only once a month or so. If you are using tap water, you will likely have more residue/build-up on the bottom of your diffuser over-time and should clean it more often.

To clean your diffuser, simply rinse the base out with warm water and a soft toothbrush or paper towel. I also like to also add a splash of rubbing alcohol to sterilize the diffuser & remove any grime from the bottom of the base or ultrasonic metal plate – I use a very soft toothbrush to get into any grooves. Rinse everything with water & pat dry!

I hope this post was helpful, but if you have any questions or want curated recommendations for your needs & budget, send me a message on instagram, an email, or leave a comment below!

xx, Brooklyn

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November 26, 2023

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