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The best two days of my entire life: my wedding day & the day our Sixpenny couches were delivered. Okay, totally kidding.. but also not really lol! Over the years, we've had all the hand-me-down, thrift store, clearance furniture in our home. And although there is nothing wrong with any of that, when we moved to our new house earlier this spring, I wanted to invest in super high quality furniture that would last years & years to come. I'd been eyeing Sixpenny for so long & some of my close friends had Sixpenny furniture in their home - so I had experienced the comfort of it firsthand!

Sixpenny is a furniture brand that has taken the industry by storm, offering high-quality and stylish pieces that are swoon-worthy. In this review, I'll share my favorite pieces from Sixpenny and why they're worth the investment. From their comfortable and cozy couches, to the best "reading chair" you've ever seen, Sixpenny has something for everyone. Plus, with their commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices, you can feel good about your purchase. Keep reading to discover why Sixpenny should be your go-to for all your furniture needs.

Fabrics & Colors

One of the hardest parts of this entire process was selecting our fabric material! Thankfully, you can order swatches to try them out in your space before ordering. You can select up to 12 fabric swatched for free (after that they're $2 a swatch).

We ultimately went with the “Washed Cotton Linen” material - which is a slightly stretchy, subtly textured, oh-so-breezy blend that fits perfectly with the farmhouse vibe of our home. It is dyed by hand in small batches & has made our space feel so cozy.

For fabric color, we went with “Corn Silk” which is a creamy linen color. Obviously cream furniture is not for everyone & requires certain level of care - but they have tons of other color options available you can explore here!

Sixpenny Neva Chair, Ottoman, & Loveseat

Feather Down vs. Poly Fill

One other thing you'll need to decide between is Feather Down and Poly Fill for your furniture piece(s). We decided to go with the Feather Down, which is the more expensive option, but aligns with our goal of being as nontoxic as possible in our home! For more info on the difference between the two, read this article.

ordering process

Most of their furniture is made to order - meaning you are likely looking at a 10-12 week turnaround time for getting your new furniture. So if you're in a hurry, this might not be the best fit. However, if you're willing to be patient (the wait will be totally worth it) this  truly has been the best furniture we've ever had in our home!

They do have some in-stock options on their website! You can filter by “ready to ship” and see which styles, fabrics, & colors would be available to ship right away.

shipping & delivery

Sixpenny offers free shipping with all of their orders! If you are ordering multiple large pieces, I would definitely recommend adding on the white glove delivery service. It costs $100 dollars, but your pieces will be carried directly into your space, unboxed, setup, and boxes removed for you. 


In our case, we had 6 pieces being delivered so the extra $100 for white glove delivery was well worth it! The boxes alone were so overwhelming, so it was super nice to have them take those back with them after deliver & setup!

Sunroom empty before furniture
Sixpenny Neva Chair, Ottoman, Loveseat, and Swivel Glider

cleaning & care

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how are you able to keep your cream furniture so clean!? The answer is: all of Sixpenny's furniture is slipcover style - so everything is removable & washable! 

So far, we've only spilled coffee on the couch and I was able to clean it up with a damp towel - whoopsies :) 

They recommend dry cleaning your slipcovers when the time comes to wash them, but since we don't use chemicals or toxic products in our home/for our laundry, I prefer to wash ours at home. Use cold water, a delicate cycle, and make sure to air-dry! Additional care instructions from Sixpenny.

And keep in mind, if something tragic happens in the future - they sell slipcovers individually (so you can always get a replacement without having to buy an entirely new couch).

If you have pets in the house, snag one of these pet hair remover tools - it is life changing and works so well.

Sixpenny Neva Corner Sectional
Sixpenny Neva Corner Sectional

The Neva | Cloudlike Comfort

Sixpenny has 13+ different collections or furniture styles available to choose from. We decided to go with the Neva Collection for all our furniture. Neva is Sixpenny's fluffiest family, famous for its sink-in soft cushions, and unparalleled cloud-like comfort. You can read more about their collections & which one may be best for your home here.


A few details on the Neva furniture:

SEAT FEEL: Very fluffy

SEAT DEPTH: 26” inches

BACK FEEL: Laid-back, lounge-y, soft


Since the Neva line is fluffy & cloud-like, you will find yourself “fluffing” the cushions (specifically the back ones) every so often. I just pull them out, karate chop them a few times, & they look fluffy & comfy again!

Our Furniture

1. Neva Chair // I have dreamed of this chair for literally years! It's oversized, super comfy, & perfect fro cuddling up to read a book. 

2. Neva Loveseat // We snagged the Neva Loveseat for our sunroom. It's the perfect couch for me to lay down, but also for a couple guests to sit & mingle!

3. Neva Chair Ottoman // In the center of our Neva Chair, Loveseat, and Swivel Glider is the Neva Chair Ottoman. It's perfect for propping up your feat & relaxing! One thing I love about their ottomans is the top cushion attaches view 4 different hooks - so you don't have to worry about it sliding off or around constantly.

4. Neva Corner Sectional // If I could recommend one couch to you in your entire life.. this would be it! It is SO comfy, so huge, & just perfect for lounging. Sean can sprawl out on one side and there is still room for guests! You literally sink into the cushions.. a little slice of heaven!

5. Neva Sectional Ottoman // We also snagged an ottoman to go with the Corner Sectional. It is massive and so dreamy. We have a tray on the center of ours that houses our remotes & various items and we still have room to prop up our feet & kick back!

6. Neva Swivel Chair // This one was a request from my hubby, Sean. He loves sitting in our sunroom & looking out into the cornering fields for pheasants, birds, deer, etc. & likes to keep his head on a swivel! He also wanted a rocking chair, so this was the perfect combination for him! This will also be perfect for rocking babies one day too.

Sixpenny Neva Chair, Neva Loveseat, Neva Chair Ottoman

This post is not sponsored by Sixpenny in any way (maybe one day). These are just my honest thoughts & genuine love for this furniture!


xx, Brooklyn

August 31, 2023

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