Farmhouse Bathroom Before & After

A year ago, we moved into the 1930's farmhouse of our dreams that has been completely restored & renovated all while keeping its vintage charm (that we love so much). The one area of the house we knew from the start would eventually need a couple upgrades was the main (and only) full bathroom in the house.

the before:

before of bathroom with clawfoot tub

Our bathroom before was gorgeous, but had very little storage and a vintage clawfoot tub that, unfortunately, wasn't very functional. Not only was it hard to get in and out of (due to the height of the side walls), it wasn't in the best condition (it had been patched & repaired in the bottom many times), and was extremely small. My hubby couldn't even fit under the shower head lol! We also knew our family was expanding, and we wanted a tub & bathroom that was more functional for bathing kiddos (and keeping everyone happy since this is the only full bathroom in the house).

the after:

Our goal from the start was to keep as much as the vintage farmhouse charm as possible & do as little renovations/changes as we could! We swapped the (heaviest) clawfoot tub out for a more modern Kohler aclove batthtub. And don't worry, we're going to repurpose the clawfoot tub somewhere on our property (I'm thinking about planting flowers in it).

farmhouse bathroom
marble shower, gold shower fixture, brass shower curtain

In order to make the new exposed brass shower system work & keep all the existing plumbing where it was (we would have had to tear our ceiling in our living room downstairs to access/move any plumbing), my hubby & dad had to get creative! They built a pony wall of sorts that contains all the plumbing, and gives the shower fixtures somewhere to attach. We decided not to go all the way up with the wall to keep the beautiful tin ceilings as a focal point & let in more natural light from the window into the shower.

kohler aclove bathtub with brass fixtures
brass dual curtain rod

Picking out the tile for the shower surround was the hardest part of this entire project (at least for me). I wanted a tile that fit with the 1930's vibe and didn't make the bathroom feel too modern and boy, was that a challenge when all the store shelves were filled with bright white & modern tiles! But we eventually found this gorgeous vanilla brushed marble tile from Floor & Decor. The colors went perfectly with our existing color scheme & the larger tile makes for easy cleaning too!

brass plant hanger
vintage wood armoire

And now for my favorite part - the decorating & styling! I had found this vintage armoire on fb marketplace a few months before starting our renovations and somehow (by the grace of God) it fit perfectly (with not a centimeter to spare) back into the same spot it was before. Not only is this armoire gorgeous & full of charm, it functions as our main storage in this bathroom! I snagged all the storage containers & baskets from The Container Store & you can find those linked here. Although I wish I could replicate this antique piece for your home, here is a similar option armoire piece!

I think plants make spaces come alive & feel extra lived-in, so I try to add plants anywhere I can (even if they're faux). This faux hoya hanging plant was perfect for this space & I found the cutest brass planter hook on Etsy!

sink and hand soap
vintage wood armoire

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May 16, 2024

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