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entering your wellness girl era
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less screen time

Pick up that book (or a kindle, my personal fav) and make reading a part of your daily routine! Reading can help you relax and reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your mental and emotional well-being.

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move your body

I'm not your next fitness guru, trust me! But what I am is a girl just doing her best to take care of her body. Some days that looks like a walk outside, a lunch-hour yoga class, or a session with Sean in the gym. Find what movement speaks to YOU, and soak in that.

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use your oils

Essential oils have been a part of my life & daily routine for over 4 years now! It starts with filling our kitchen diffuser in the morning with a cozy blend while I make coffee & ends with adding lavender to the diffuser before bed. But there is so much in between - support for big emotions, overwhelm, energy, digestion, & so much more!

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set the tone

Music can completely transform your day, your space, & your mood!

natural living

aria diffuser

Theee most magical diffuser for your home & one of the best purchases you will ever make. A glass dome, wood base, bluetooth speakers, & 450 square feet of coverage. #diffusergoals

top 10 favs

Whether you're ready to ditch candles, synthetic perfumes, your B&B soaps, toxic personal care products (or all the above) I've rounded up my favorite, natural products here!

ditch toxins

It's time to ditch the toxic cleaning products & bring home safe, natural cleaning products for your home (that smell good & work even better). Your easy button for a low-tox home.